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SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 Case

SwitchEasy, a leader in producing accessories for your devices, has come up with colorful iPhone 4 cases in their new line – Colors.

SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4  Case

This silicone iPhone 4 case has a high-quality “Jelly Bean” tangible home button which emphasizes a clean design (less is more). Choose from 9 vivid colors to suit your preference.

SwitchEasy continues their tradition of making unique cases and Colors is more than just your silicone case. Ranging from citrus to viola, these colorful covers are very pleasing to the eyes.

Rest assured that every port and buttons are accessible as each SwitchEasy case is carefully made. Also, their practice of including “everything but the kitchen sink” comes in handy to protect and design your iPhone 4. You will get:

• 1 Colors iPhone 4 Case
• 2 Anti-Static Scren Protector
• 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
• 1 Squeegee for applying the Screen Protector
• 2 Power Jack Connector Guards
• 2 Headphone Jack Protectors

You can get SwitchEasy Colors iPhone 4 Case on their official website for $14.99 and fully cover your phone. You can also get this on Amazon for only $14.95. With this case, dirt and stains will be nowhere to be found.

Image courtesy of SwitchEasy.

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