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Ballistic HC Series iPhone 4 Case and Pouch

If you want to protect your iPhone 4, then this Ballistic HC (as in Hard Core) Case is definitely worth getting. You can keep your phone in pristine condition with this iPhone 4 case, just as good when you first unboxed it.

Ballistic HC Series iPhone 4 Case 2

Ballistic HC Series iPhone 4 Case is made with four levels of security with a built-in screen protector to boot. With this kind of protection, you are sure your iPhone 4 is safe from scratches, fingerprints, dust and drops.

It also features an optional external layer for essential protection. Plus, it has a holster and a 180 degree revolving belt clip.

Universal Sport Rugged Pouch

Ballistic Universal Sport Rugged iPhone 4 Pouch

Universal Sport Rugged Pouch is another case from Ballistic which offers another way to protect your beloved iPhone 4.

It features a simple open and close with Velcro. It has a very sturdy belt clip and made from durable exterior material. If you want to be assured your iPhone is carried in style without compromising fashion, Ballistic will not let you down.

You can buy both the HC Series iPhone 4 Case and Universal Sport Rugged Pouch on Ballistic’s official website. Get notified when both will be available since the case and pouch are very popular, the two are currently out of stock.

Images courtesy of Ballistic.

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